Sword and Sheild

Sword & the Sheild
Paladin's justice

Sword and the Sheild.
Paladins never seek revenge, instead they sought justice. Kel`jerod FlameStriker and his friend, Abuir Neir both followers of Iomdae. Their mission… return the stolen holy avenger of a late and great paladin which was stolen by a anti- paladin who sought the blades magic would be able to open a new world wound. The Paladins chased this most foul one to Chorak’s tomb, so close to their mission complete, a huge truth was unveiled to them, the island state of everless was the true target, the anti-paladin sent the remains of chorak’s army thought the elf portal.

Target: isle of everless Keljerod and Abuir returned home to see that the small nation was in flames, they rushed to the castle state, to see who planned such a unholy attack….. house of Neir! Abuir in shock of what had happened, and learning of Flamestriker’s clan been the first house to fall to the alliance of house Neir and drow, the two paladins tore a path of holy justice into the house of Neir! Matron Neir vs Abuir and Kel`jerod

the keep ingulfed in flame, the two paladins squared off with the true evil behind the attack on the city state, Abuir Swore to destroy his own mother for her crimes… the battle long and hard for both of the heros, they stopped the fallen house…

Truth has been opened…. weeks after such a battle the two paladins where summoned by the gold hand to clean out any drow in the sewers of the city, they found much hidden evil under the city, a deadly fight with drow, undead and a hydra, which was guarding a grave site……. that belonged to the fallen paladin, now a vampire and awoken with his unholy avenger, his return would only spell trouble more……. as the sewers started to fall apart into the cold lands below, Kel`Jerod tried to save his friend’s life, but couldnt hold on… Abuir fell he thought… Abuir fell though a portal that has lead him into a new world….. can the two get back as a team? will they be able to stop the fallen vampire paladin from his new sinister plan? we shall see

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